Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

As a health care facility, we are committed to delivering quality medical care to you, our patient and to making your stay as pleasant as possible. The following “Statement of Patient’s Rights”, endorsed by the administration and staff of this hospital, applies to all patients. In the event that you are unable to exercise these rights on your own behalf, then these rights are applicable to your designated / legal representatives / next of kin.

We honour and attest to your right as a patient to:


  • Receive appropriate medical care without discrimination
  • Contact and speak with the doctors ordering your care
  • Communicate and receive a timely response to your complaints by contacting Patient Relations

Respect and Dignity

  • Be treated as an individual, with unique needs and desires within the hospital premises
  • Receive care free of unnecessary restraints
  • Be assured of the confidentiality of your medical information
  • Have your personal privacy respected
  • Make informed choices about your care and treatment including the decision to refuse treatment

Coordination of Care

  • Know who is in-charge of your care
  • Know the identity of your physicians and your caregivers

Information, Education and Communication

  • Be given complete and current information about your injury or illness, course of treatment and outcomes of care, including unanticipated outcomes, in a manner that you can understand
  • Participate in decisions about your diagnosis, treatment and discharge
  • Know the potential risks and benefits of procedures and treatments
  • Receive an estimate and an explanation of charges, given to you in a manner that you can understand

Involvement of Family and Friends

  • Be given the option of having a family member, family doctor or friend notified of your admission
  • Involve family members and friends in your care when it is safe and possible

Physical Comfort

  • Be cared for in an environment that is healing, clean and safe
  • Receive a timely response to your pain with the intention of maximizing your comfort

Emotional Support

  • Express concerns, be listened to and receive an appropriate response
  • Have your spiritual needs respected

Transition and Continuity of Care

  • Have access to people outside the hospital, whether through visitors, written or verbal contact, including private phone conversations as appropriate to clinical setting
  • Receive continuity and consistency of care within VS Hospitals

As a partner of our healthcare team, we ask that you:

  • Provide complete and accurate information about your current and past state of health, including past illnesses, hospitalizations and the medications you are taking
  • Inform us if you perceive a problem with your care
  • Talk to us about your pain and options for minimizing it
  • Ask questions when you do not understand what are we saying or asking you to do
  • Follow the treatment plan that you developed with your doctors
  • Accept responsibility for your health outcome, if you choose not to follow your treatment plan
  • Follow the rules and regulations of our hospital, which have been put in place for your safety and the safety of others
  • Assist our hospital in providing a safe environment by sharing your observations if you perceive unsafe conditions or practices
  • Show respect and consideration for your caregivers and other patients and families by controlling noise and disturbances, refraining from smoking and respecting others’s property
  • Kindly do not Tip the Housekeeping / Nursing / Valet and other staffs at the hospital. We are here to serve you and make sure that your stay at VS Hospitals is satisfied.
  • Respect that Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer and reserves the right to assign a competent caregiver with skills that match your clinical needs.

Guest Speak

For a complex surgery that I underwent here, the surgery was completed successfully and the post operative care was also exceptionally good to have a fast recovery for me. Both the doctors team and nurse team took good care of me. Thanks for the hospitality.

Ramesh G Rajan