Proven expertise across the clinical spectrum

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Explore how VS Hospitals offers
comprehensive quality care
for a complete range of
common and complicated
orthopaedic problems.

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Spine Surgery

Centre of excellence in
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
offers deformity corrections, spine
stabilization surgery for vertebral
compression fractures, and
decompression of spinal tumors.

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Sports Medicine

India’s one stop destination
for sports medicine and
the comprehensive evaluation
and treatment of sports
related conditions.

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Department of Gastroenterology and
Hepato-Biliary Sciences offers some
of the most sophisticated and
specialised tests needed to diagnose
many gastroenterology problems.
We have a multi-disciplinary
approach  to a variety of
gastroenterological conditions.

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Medical Oncology

Discover wide range of oncology
services that help patients at every
stage of cancer better manage their
condition. Department of Oncology
allows for optimal state-of-the-art
facilities for the oncology patients.

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Minimally Invasive Laproscopic and Bariatric Surgery

Learn about minimally invasive
surgery options that are available
at VS Group of Hospitals. Bariatric
Surgery may be an option for adults
and kids with severe obesity. The
best results occur when patients
follow surgery with healthy eating
patterns and regular exercise.

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Department of Renal Sciences provides
expert medical care for patients with
all forms of kidney disorders and
kidney transplant services.

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Department of Uro Sciences
takes pride in offering
individualised treatment programs
for a wide variety of urological
problems. We provide dynamic
patient care and
comprehensive treatment plans
for the best
possible outcomes.

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Pathology and Laboratory

High quality, cost-effective,
and high qualitydiagnostic care
in the areas of Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine, Radiology,
and Nuclear Medicine

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Critical Care and Emergency Care

Emergency highest levels of skill,
expertise and infrastructure designed
to respond quicker, and have proven
outcomes that are on par with the
very best in the world

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Emergency and Trauma Care

Advanced non-emergency medical
transportation provider in Chennai
that addresses and fulfills all kinds
of medical transportation needs
of people, exclusively for the
senior citizens.

Healthy Habit

International Patient Help Desk

New to Chennai? We are here to help you :)

Our International Patients relations help guests from around the world feel at home in Chennai. Let us know how we may assist your stay !

CSR Focus

Join hands with the VS Trust and build a healthier world

The VS Trust is helping touch the lives of people from the underpreviledged sections of the society and give them the gift of health. Contribute towards making a cancer-free world.

a second opinion

a second opinion when it matters

When you are facing medical diagnosis, it's common to feel confused.
It makes sense to get a second opinion when you face a medical condition that is life-changing or even life-threatening.

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Guest Speak


  • Dr. G. Mohan
    Sr. Consultant Orthopaedic & Replacement Surgeon

    Awarded Best Doctor Award in the year 2012 by the TamilNadu Dr. MGR Medical University in the year 2012

  • Dr. R. Omer Sheriff
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Recognition and Felicitation by Governor of Tamil Nadu in the field of Orthopaedics in 2012

  • Dr. J. Amalorpavanathan
    Consultant Vascular Surgeon

    Awarded MMC Achievement for Convener. Cadaver Transplant Programme, Government of TamilNadu

  • Dr. S. Nithya
    Consultant Medical Oncologist

    Awarded Dr. G. Jayaraj Ayyanadar Endowment Gold Medal for Pediatrics in 2004
    Awarded Prof. K. Ramachandra Endowment Gold Medal in Medical Oncology in 2012

  • Dr. A. Sivakumar
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Honoured with “The Best Doctor Award” by the TamilNadu Dr. MGR Medical University in 2012

Clinical Excellence

Our Hospitals

Advanced Cancer Care

#13, East Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600031.
Ph: +91 44 4200 1000

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#15, East Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600031.
Ph: +91 44 4200 1001

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Centre for Advanced Surgeries

#815/306, Poonamalle High Rd, Kilpauk, Chennai - 600010.
Ph: +91 044 4600 8000 +91 99622 42000

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Kosmoderma @ VS Clinic

Old No 9, New No 17, East Spurtank Road, Chetpet, Chennai - 600010.
Ph: +91 44 4200 1001

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Financial Assistance

For Medical Emergency Call 4600 8000